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100 Things We Love About Public Lands (part 1)


Our favorite stories about public lands and opportunities for you to get involved in protecting your outdoor experiences.


100 Things We Love About Public Lands (part 1)

Tania Lown-Hecht

It's no secret that we think public lands are the best. Along with being one of the greatest ideas America has ever had, public lands are one of the greatest parts of living here. Over the last few weeks, we've been compiling a list of the 100 best things about public lands.

Check out the first half below, and leave your favorite things about public lands in the comments (who knows, they may show up in part 2).

  1. They’re free!
  2. Seeing the first indian paintbrush of the season
  3. Skinny dipping in freezing alpine lakes
  4. Reflections on a perfectly still lake in the morning
  5. Granite that’s warm even after the sun goes down
  6. Owning a little piece of the most beautiful places in the country
  7. Dreaming in color at altitude
  8. Escaping the sounds of traffic
  9. Always having a new place to explore
  10. Identifying moss and lichen on the trees
  11. Falling asleep to the sound of running water
  12. Drinking snow melt off in the spring
  13. Wading across a river
  14. Watching a summit get closer, bit by bit
  15. Stargazing into the universe
  16. Escaping the crowds and camping on a forest road
  17. Discovering the route to the top of a peak
  18. The chance to reconnect with friends
  19. Practicing the Leave No Trace skills your parents taught you as a kid
  20. Summer picnics
  21. Places to challenge yourself
  22. Sleeping under the stars
  23. Dew on your sleeping bag
  24. Knowing that you have a say in how these places are managed
  25. The first glimpse of the Colorado after you climb into the Grand Canyon
  26. Some of the best trail systems in the world
  27. Pine trees!
  28. Landscapes so spectacular, no millionaire can ever buy them
  29. Standing on a pass and seeing nothing but mountains in every direction
  30. The bluest skies at altitude
  31. Spotting brown bears early in the season
  32. Escaping the concrete and experiencing the land as it really is
  33. No one caring if you don’t wear deodorant
  34. Mustering the courage to jump off a waterfall
  35. No matter where we come from, we can all enjoy them
  36. Walking in the footsteps of John Muir
  37. The font that the Forest Service uses
  38. The feeling of being at home
  39. When you can carry everything you need on your back
  40. Scrambling across a boulder field
  41. Walking where it seems like no one has ever walked before
  42. Knowing that I own these places
  43. Roaming free
  44. Hearing the wind in the aspens
  45. Feeling like you can go back in time
  46. Seeing the sun rise over the mountains
  47. Feeling like a speck in the universe
  48. Places without cell service
  49. Rain falling on your tent
  50. Whether I live in Maryland or Texas, I have a stake in protecting, accessing, and caring for the great outdoors

Right now, there's a battle looming over millions of acres of public land, threatening our access to the outdoors. Learn more and sign the petition today.