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Mountains to Sound Greenway

MOuntains to Sound Greenway

What is the greenway?

"Lila Lake 26526" by Walter Siegmund 

"Lila Lake 26526" by Walter Siegmund 

Extending from the Seattle waterfront to Ellensburg, the Mountains to Sound Greenway is an outdoor paradise with 1,600 miles of trails, the stunning Cascade Crest, excellent whitewater runs, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing, rock climbing routes, and mountain biking.

Right now, there’s an opportunity to have the Greenway designated as a National Heritage Area, which would protect this phenomenal landscape and enhance recreational opportunities. 

A coalition of outdoor recreation groups in Washington, including the Greenway TrustThe Mountaineers, Access Fund, American Whitewater, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and Washington Trails Association is working together to encourage people who love the outdoors to protect and enhance this fantastic outdoor resource.

If outdoor adventures in Washington matter to you, let your voice be heard with decision-makers in DC.

I want to learn more

What is a National Heritage Area?

A National Heritage Area brings together natural, cultural, and historic resources. A National Heritage Area expands on traditional approaches to resource stewardship by supporting large-scale, community driven initiatives that connect local citizens to the preservation and planning process. It supports better collaboration between local businesses, communities, and recreation resources. For example, it enables cost sharing for things like trailhead gate locking and unlocking, or shared bathroom maintenance at nearby trailheads. Unlike some protective designations, a National Heritage Area does not add new regulatory authority or other management restrictions over private lands. Read more here.

What is the current status of the Greenway?

Actually, the Greenway does not currently have an official designation! National Heritage Areas are one of the most flexible designations, making it easy for private property owners, businesses, and recreation interests to work together easily with federal land managers like the Forest Service. An official designation improves tourism, boosts the local economy, marks the Greenway's place on the map and identifies it as a special place in the state and in the nation. For the most up-to-date information on the campaign, visit the Greenway Trust.

What's the proposed map of the Greenway National Heritage Area?

Click map to enlarge.

Here are some awesome activities, from snowshoeing to whitewater paddling to hiking, that you can do in the Greenway.









What will a National Heritage Area do?

The Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area will protect and promote this amazing landscape, and ensure access to all the outdoor activities we enjoy today. For more, here is a great breakdown of what a National Heritage Area will and will not do.

How will a National Heritage Area affect where I can mountain bike, kayak, or hike? 

If you like how things are today, a National Heritage Area helps keep it that way. With ever-increasing threats, many advocacy groups work to actively keep areas open for mountain biking, climbing, and mountaineering. A National Heritage Area helps ensure that we have the flexibility to continue to recreate in this region as we have for years. New, flexible designations like National Heritage Areas are best for preserving current access and experiences.