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Our Values

Outdoor Alliance works to protect the places we ski, hike, climb, paddle and bike. We bring together the voices of America's outdoor recreation community to protect the outdoor experience for everyone to enjoy. 


Outdoor Alliance Values

 “You want to understand the concept of a “public good”? It’s exemplified by our nation’s [wild places].”

 - Nicholas Kristof, “Beauty and the Beasts” 

1. Outdoor places matter. The outdoors have intrinsic value, but also social value. Habitat, clean air, clean water, and the mere existence of outdoor places matter. So, too, do the experiences these places make possible for people.

2. We care deeply for the places we know. When we ski, hike, climb, paddle, and bike, we become more connected to the outdoors and more committed to caring for these places. This connection will power the future of conservation.

3. United we are stronger. When we unite our community’s distinct and powerful voice and leverage our collective knowledge of the outdoors, we make a bigger difference in protecting the wild places that we love.

4. Public lands belong to us all. Together, Americans own, enjoy, and are collectively responsible for millions of acres of public land. The majority of outdoor recreation happens on public lands. These beautiful places set America apart, and we believe in sustaining them for future generations.

5. There’s room for everyone. Public lands mean different things to different people. We need robust civic engagement to determine which places require special protection and which are important for supporting other uses.